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Why EcO3Ice?


Why Protect Your Ice?

What's In Your Ice?

Protect your customers from foodborne illness.

Food For Thought

Fountain beverages are about 2/3 ice. Is it clean?

Bad Bugs Infographic

Under investigation for crimes against ice.

Customer Success Store

Ice Advice from Bob Yost



EcO3Ice - Model X1

For flaker, nugget or other low water flow ice machines.

EcO3Ice - Model X4

All Scotsman and Manitowoc Ice Cube Machines

EcO3Ice - Models X8 & X16

All Hoshizaki ice cube machines.


Install & Operation

How to Install Eco3Ice

Polyethylene Water Line

How to Install EcO3Ice

Copper Water Line

How to Install EcO3Ice

Braided Water Line

Installation and Operation Manual

Installation and Operation Manual


Learn More

Better Ice Guarantee

Life expectancy of units and guarantee qualifiers.

White Paper: EcO3Ice Testing & Certification Summary

Data on effectiveness and safety, including all independent testing and regulatory approvals to date.


Basic answers to frequently asked questions about EcO3Ice.

Fact Sheet

A short summary of EcO3Ice facts, with a focus on how ozone works.