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Intro To Ecoice


EcO3Ice Basics

EcO3Ice Model X1 Spec

Use this EcO3Ice model for Flake, Nugget or other low water flow ice machines

EcO3Ice Model X4 Spec

All Scotsman and Manitowoc Ice Cube Machines

EcO3Ice Model X8 - X16 Spec

All Hoshizaki Ice Cube Machines

Hoshizaki / EcO3Ice Model Matrix

Use this matrix to select the correct EcO3Ice model for your Hoshizaki Ice Machine.


Marketing Tools

Follett Approval Letter

This letter from Follett verifies that using EcO3Ice on a Follett ice machine will not void the manufacturers warranty.

Scotsman Approval

Scotsman Ice Systems' letter of approval for EcO3Ice on its machines, maintaining full manufacturer's warranty.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Approv

This letter from Hoshizaki approves EcO3Ice for use on KM series ice machines.

Customer Testimonial: Lone Star Ice Machine

This customer testimonial highlights the effectiveness of the Franke EcO3Ice full-time solution.


"Deep Dive"

White Paper: EcO3Ice Testing & Certification Summary

Data on effectiveness and safety, including all independent testing and regulatory approvals to date.


Basic answers to frequently asked questions about EcO3Ice.

Fact Sheet

A short summary of EcO3Ice facts, with a focus on how ozone works.

MSDS Dissolved Ozone

MSDS of Ozone in potable water at concentrations up to 0.2 ppm.


Inst. & Operation

Installation and Operation

Mark explains how to install and operate EcO3Ice, the full-time solution.

Installation and Operation Manual (Korean)

Installation and Operation Manual

Cartridge Replacement Instructions

How to replace the EcO3Ice Cartridge